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Pickup & Delivery

Scheduling a Service?

It only takes a few clicks to schedule a service on our web site. Alternatively, you can call 1-855-505-WASH to schedule or need assistance. For scheduling on-line:

Start with entering you zip code, to check service availability in your area

Pick the type of services you need. For Wash & Fold, enter approximate weight in pounds. But don't worry, we will weigh it and charge the correct amount. Also, this is where you can put any special instruction you may have for us on how we should process your laundry.

Select Pickup date and time. Followed by Delivery date and time. You may also enter pickup and delivery instruction. E.g. leaving the laundry at the front door

Sign-up and sign-in to provide address and payment information. We do accept all major credit cards. You will get text and/or email confirmation.

Picking Up Laundry

Place your laundry in a trash bag. If you have laundry or dry cleaning items, put them in a separate bag and stick a note on them.
You will be notified when we’re on our way to pick up your laundry. You may leave it at the front door, or hand it to our driver.


Wash & Fold


$30 extra for same day service
   Comforters - King Size - $19.99
   Comforters - Queen Size - $17.99
   Comforters - Twin Size - $15.99
   Pillows - $5.00
   Bathroom Mat - $5.00

Dry Clean


48 hours turnaround time
   Shirts/Polo - $4.39
   Pants/Shorts - $4.39
   Dress - $8.99
   2-Piece Suite - $8.99
   Blouse - $4.39


High, Med, Low, or No Starch

48 hours turnaround time
   Button-down Shirts - $2.29
   Pants - $3.99
   Shorts - $3.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pickup & delivery hours?

It all depends on your zip code. Typically, we pickup and deliver between the hours of 8:00AM-7:00PM. For some areas, we start a little later in order to avoid rush hour traffic.

what is the turnaround time? Is there a rush or same-day service?

For wash & fold, it is a next-day service (approximately 24hurs). For dry clean & alundry it is 48-hours. We have a rush or same-day service for wash & fold, but hass to be a morning pickup and additional charges apply.

Do I have to weigh my laundry?

No. Enter approximate weight in pounds. Typically a small trach bag weighs about 15/lb. We will weigh and only charge for the right amount.

Do I have to be there when you pickup or deliver?

No. You may leave your laundry at the front door, and we will take care. Similarly, let us know where to lave your laundry and we will do so as instructed.

Can I cancel or reschedule a shceduled order?

Yes, you are able to cancel or reschedule schdule servie before it is pickup.

What if I didn't leave laundry for a pickup - Missed pickup?

There is a $20 charge for missed pickup.

Do I need to provide detergents?

No. We provide premium quality detergents, softeners, and bleach (for color or whites as needed). And, if you have a sensitive skin, please let us know and we will use a special detergent or if you prefer to bring your own you're welcome to do so.

Do I need so sort my cloths before you pick them up?

Not necessary, unless if you want to. Just put them all in a trash bag or laundry basket and hand it over to us. We will will sort by color size etc, and take care of it all. We will package them in bundles, by type/size, and put them in new and clean bags or hanger for you.

Remember, the idea is that we save you time and effort, so you do as little as you would like to.

When and how do I pay?

We accept all the major credit card. You enter your payment information whenyou schedule an order. We charge after wee validate laundry weight or items.

When payment doesn't go through? - Card declined

You will be notified, order will not be processed or delivered until payment is cleared.