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Self Service

Our facility is fully attended at all times with well trained, experienced, courteous, and friendly staff to assist you.  Our staff ensures that all machines are in mint condition at all times, so that you don't have to deal with messy situations.

With free WiFi, charging stations for your mobile devices and laptops, as well as refreshments and snack machines always fully stocked, we guarantee you that you will have the most pleasant experience during your stay at O Laundry.  It is the best laundromat in town!

We also haven't forgotten the little ones...our kids station will keep your children preoccupied and safe while you focus on getting your laundry done as quickly as you can.  They will have so much fun with the educational toys and entertainments, they will for sure be excited to come to our laundromat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to wash and dry?

It depends on the size of machine you use. Prices range from $2.49 to $9.99, depending on size of washer you use. Note that you do get free drying credits (30 to 60 min depending on the size of washer) for every single washer you use.

Do I need to bring change or quarters? What if I do?

No, you do not need to bring change or quarters. You will get one of our card and load it with however much money you would like to or need. You can can use cash or credit/debit cards to do so.

If you do have quarters, please see one of our staff and we'll be happy to give you dollar bills in exchange.

Do you sell detergent, bleach, or softeners?

Yes. We carry various brands of detergents, in the form of both liquid and powders, as well as softeners and bleaches in various sizes or quantities. We also have laundry bags, hangers, link removers etc.

What are your hours and how late can I start to wash?

We are open Mon-Fri at 8:00AM-10:00PM, and 7:00AM-10:00PM on the weekends. Our last wash is always at 9:00PM. Note that our washers are programmed not to start any new wash after 9:00PM, therefore there is nothing our staff can do to change that.